Some of our projects we have successfully finalised or are currently working on:

M&A transactions 

  • Assisting in various due diligence and bidding processes for the acquisition of black book loans.
  • Transaction management and project office in a complex M&A transaction.
  • Assisting with the pre-deal work related to the acquisition of a major reinsurance company and introducing possible targets.

General and Financial advisory

  • Financial advisory of a leading German tanker shipping company and domestic and international mid-range shipping companies.
  • Setting up of a new reporting system for domestic and international mid-range shipping companies.
  • Supporting ship owners to comply with their contractual reporting obligations in loan documentations.
  • Advising on strategic investment decisions.
  • Compliance assistance for banks.
  • Providing know-how for risk transfer mechanisms and structures.
  • Assisting banks and shipowners in loan workout and enforcement matters.
  • Financial restructuring assistance.
  • Debt restructuring assistance – debt to equity swap.

Developing new business

  • Developing and facilitating cooperation between an investment house and a shipping company.
  • Arranging business opportunities for Chinese trading company.
  • Introducing buyer to French trading company.
  • Introducing business to a synthetic lender.
  • Finding financing for an airline.
  • Finding investor for a port.
  • Finding strategic partner for an airline.
  • Finding investors for a trade platform.
  • Finding financier of portfolios of an accounts receivables management company.
  • Finding buyer for an exclusive real estate in Germany.
  • Finding buyer for an airplane
  • Finding financier for a fleet of tankers
  • Finding buyer for a fleet of bulkers


  • Incorporation and customising of ownership structures.
  • Setting up leasing schemes.
  • Registration & flag arrangements.
  • Financial advice. 

Arrangement & Trust 

  • Setting up platform solutions for the acquisition of assets. 
  • Setting up trust structures.
  • Assisting in and arranging offshore structures.
  • Acting as protective bidder in auction sales for several German banks.
  • Acting as escrow servicer in various S&P deals and other escrow matters
  • Carrying out compliance checks.
  • Assistance in closings (presence and online).
  • Arranging data rooms.
  • Assistance in  private s&p including closings for seller & buyers
  • Assisting in private treaty sales in respect of a fleet of vessels.
  • Coordination of an auction process for a bank

In the above projects we are cooperating in the legal sector with the offices of Ince Law and in the tax and trust/escrow sector with Ince Tax & Trust and we are also cooperating with other offices of Ince Consultancy.